About Your Tutor

Hey there!
My name is Orrin Cowley and I have loved math since I started school.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Secondary Math Education. My experience includes 3 years as a licensed public school teacher and more than 5 years as a math tutor.

Teaching gives me a unique opportunity to help your student in math.

I know how to interpret state standards. I know the material, inside and out. Plus, I have worked with students of various learning styles and comprehension levels.

I’m a research-nerd and use tried-and-true teaching strategies developed by the best teachers in the country.

My tutoring style encourages rigor by building their math muscle. At times, I will challenge my students.

No talking over my students’ heads with me. Rather, I am a tutor who walks step-by-step with my students through the thought process.

When I am not tutoring or teaching, I enjoy fiction writing and spending time with my 4-year-old daughter and 1-year-old son.