Post and Play Gimkit Creative Gamemodes

Required to Submit Game Mode Links
Go to Publish and Save on your game mode. Copy the publish link. Then go to and put your link there to create a tinyurl to send in this form. If you don’t follow these steps I won’t be able to see your game mode.
MathThriveOnly Up
BlizzyHide and Seek
ProdigyQueenVivienneClean Up
Hunter MuffinIntense Capture the Flag
MouseGimkit Arsenal
Random UserLab Escape Part 1
Random UserLab Escape Part 2
Dylan the GOATProject: P.O.R.T.A.L
Lone Wolf 0230Gimkit Life Steal
AlvinGimkit Cruise
Always the Real PQMHighway Racing
Escape RoomsEscape Rooms
Game Creator 202Capture the Flag
Anthony W.Zombie Escape
Bob the BuilderGet the Flag
BlizzyBed Wars
JasonEscape the Prison
BraylenSnowball Fight
Log On A CouchGimkit: Raft